Why Some Chiros Never Reach Their Potential

Let me give you an illustration as to why some Chiropractors do not reach their potential in practice. Let’s say your favorite Collect football team was in the national championship.  They were ranked # one in the nation, had the best quarterback, and the odds were in their favor.  So you sit down in front of the TV with a beer and your favorite snacks and get ready for the crushing defeat your team is about to give the opponent.  So they get the ball, and roll out the first play. Your teams QB rolls back 5 steps, keeps the ball and gets sacked. Ok that happens.  There is always another play right?  Second down, your QB calls the same play, drops back and gets sacked again. And this happens over and over, with the same play. Its gets to the point where the opposing teams defense knows the play so well, the Quarterback doesn’t even get to drop back 5 steps, he gets sacked immediately.

So what would you do?  Would you:

1-            Hope they change the play?

2-            Keep watching?

3-            Change the channel after the first quarter of your team getting crushed?

Now let’s pull this illustration forward to you. In practice do you find yourself running the same play?  Is their reluctance to step out and add or do more or new things? Do you feel like you are constantly being sacked? What is your plan to change that? Obviously if you do more of the same, you get more of the same results. Doing the same thing over and over again is a good sign of insanity. If you want something different, you have to do something different.

Don’t keep running the same play, go to the play book and use as many of the plays I send you weekly as possible. This gives you dozens of options to go and grow!





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