There are specific patterns of the most successful Chiropractors in our profession. Here are the top ten.  Adopt them for yourself and you absorb the patterns of success. Do that consistently and you become successful.

1- Always stay connected to a Power Source outside of themselves. No exception to this rule and why it is listed as # 1. Unplug the battery and in time it goes dead.  

2- Regularly associate with positive and successful Chiropractors. There are no successful Chiros living on an island. That would be fantasy island.  

3- Are givers not takers. Success is what it is about for them, not self. The more you give of self the more you get.  

4- Constantly work on their personalities realizing that most of us are boring. Becoming magnetic takes practice.

5- Always promoting their product in this case Chiropractic. Life is sales, would you purchase from you?  If not change quickly.

6- Never afraid to ask for help when stuck. Superstars ask and take action. The middle of the pack does little of either.  

7- Humble, accept council and advice. How do you determine who to listen to? Simple, it is results. What results does the person have giving you advice?

8- Copy or mirror success patterns in other successful people. There is no shame in driving a used idea or procedure.

9- Understand there is no end zone. The ball is consistently moved up field. There is no there and then,only now.

10- Listen and take immediate action. Listening doesn’t mean simply hearing, it means doing

Where are you on the above ten patterns?