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Affordable, Immediate, Effective!

Illuminate your practice! Never leave your office! No travel! No seminars required!

This is an opportunity to have Dr. Jay in your office wtih you and your staff 24 hours a day.

All for the incredibly low monthly investment of $149.95 per month. Guaranteed.


Online Chiropractic Management

Online Practice Managment, All Support Comes Directly To You

Chiropractic Practice Management Services Synopsis:

  • 24/7 One on One Live Support
  • Receive Instruction and Support On Hundreds Of New Patient Strategies
  • Cash Practice / Cash Patient Management
  • Front Desk, Collections, Insurance Training and Support
  • Build Your P. I. and COMP Practice
  • Report Of Findings and Total Office Scripting (Forms)
  • Healthcare Class / Lay Lectures / Screenings
  • Office Location, Design, and Floor Plans
  • Financing Support
  • Total Associate, Doctor Training
  • New Office Start Ups
  • Custom Cyber Newsletter Emailed Monthly Direct to Your Patient Base
  • Monthly Live Tele-seminars for Doctor and Staff Training Direct to Your Office
  • Active Mentor to over 500 Chiropractic Offices Worldwide
  • Consulted and Mentored over 8,000 Offices Worldwide
  • 30 Years Experience