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Dr. Jay Morgan Membership Terms Of Acceptance


This on line support program has a 12 month minimal membership requirement. The 12 month minimal membership starts the day the application is received, and runs a minimum of 12 consecutive months.

Member will have access to the following:
  • -Live support via e mail or phone with Dr. Jay Morgan
  • -A weekly newsletter with practice building suggestions, procedures, and information
  • -Weekly live chat room access
  • -Regular Live tele seminar training sessions for Doctor and Staff
  • -A weekly video to review
  • -Materials and Supplies


This on line support program has a 12 month minimal membership requirement. The 12 month minimal membership starts the day the application is received, and runs a minimum of 12 consecutive months. There is no provision to terminate or cancel for any reason once the members application is received. Due to the nature of the support program and related costs there can be no exceptions to the terms of cancelation. This includes but is not limited to: work status changes, clients health, location or other related circumstances. Much of the work done for each client is at the start of membership as well as related costs.

If a member requests cancelation before the 12 month minimal membership has completed, the members card will continue to be billed at $149.95 per month, on the first of each month, until the minimum 12 month membership is completed. The minimal program fee is $149.95 per month. There are no lower monthly amount available due to the costs related to providing the support. This minimal monthly is not affected by the services not being used, including tools, cyber newsletter, support, etc. These products and services are available to each member but not mandatory to use.

If the members credit card on file is terminated or taken out of service, the balance of the membership agreement with merchant (Dr Jay Morgan) will still be due and enforced with the 12 month minimal membership agreement.

Depending on when member joins the program there may be an extra debit (13th debit versus 12) made on cardholders card as the support program runs from the 23rd to the 23rd of each month. For example if a member joined on May 10th, the members card would be debited for May on the first of May. Most of the first card debit ( month one ) goes to cover the costs related to starting the program, member manual, etc. Cancelation request must be received via phone consultation on or before the 22nd of the prior month.

Once the minimal 12 month membership has been reached, the cardholder’s credit card on file will be debited on the first of each consecutive month. If the card holder wishes to cancel after the 12 month minimal membership is complete, the cardholder must notify merchant (Dr Jay Morgan) following the below steps:


Step One: Status in the cyber support program including membership acceptance and cancelation is not done via either: voice mail messages, e mail, fax, staff or proxy. Status is completed only via phone consultation / confirmation with Dr. Morgan and member.

Step Two: 12 service months must be completed and a minimum of 12 payments or card debits of $149.95 made. If a minimum of 12 months has not been reached or if a minimum of 12 payments have not been received, it is not possible according to the terms of the support program to terminate. Cancelation requests prior to the 12th month cannot be accepted or processed.

Step Three: On or before the 22nd of the 12th month, (Not the month or months before or after) assuming a minimum of 12 equal payments have been made, call Dr. Jay Morgan directly at 512-343-2503 for an exit consultation. If Dr. Jay cannot come to the phone, leave a name and number. Your call will be returned shortly normally the same day.

Step Four: Following the exit consult, confirm desire to cancel via e mail to: drjay@drjaymorgan.com. Please do not e mail prior to exit consultation.

Cancelation from the Cyber Support program includes termination from, but is not limited to the following services:

1-Practice support from Dr. Jay Morgan
2-Billing and documentation support from Dr. Don Counihan
3-Support and all tax related services from Mark Terdle
4-The cyber patient newsletter
5-Billing support from Physicians services

Note: The above are priority services provided to members of the cyber support program.

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