Dr. Jay Morgan's Testimonials

eric terrell

Great stuff Dr. Jay. 

Persistency and consistency are the keys.  I understand the saying, "when you're going through hell, just keep going.".  Don't quit. Refine your game. Do things that are uncomfortable. Stretch yourself. Your service during that time with almost daily communication, support and encouragement through emails, the Facebook group, the PPP updates all were crucial in keeping the motivation high. 

Throughout it all I never panicked.  I innately knew that if we just paid attention and stayed true to success principles it would work out.  The weekly motivational emails were like oxygen. I copied and shared them with my staff.  We read them at the beginning of every office meeting.  I read them and meditated with them every day. I flooded my brain with positivity.  

All in all this year just taught me that practices may change but principles are forever.  You famously tell us not to try to invent something new but to copy what works.  I took that to heart this year and can truly say we had a great year.  

Thank you for being there this year from the bottom of my heart.  I know we've never personally met but I feel like Ive been working with you a thousand years and trust you implicitly.  

Thanks for being there.

Eric Terrell, D.C. 


eric terrell

Jay-  I can't tell you how much your weekly e mail and support means to me. So right on the money!   

Eric Terrell DC. Virginia

Andy Rawlings

Hi Jay,

I wanted to share that last week was our best week ever.  Very happy with it!

Andy Rawlings DC.    Southern California

Michael Huppert


I’ve worked with several heavyweight consultants, and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years. And while they helped me grow, eventually they showed their true colors - - their success was the most important. In the year I’ve worked with you, you are more sincere, decent, and honest than any of the other coaches. I highly recommend you. 

Michael Huppert DC 

jason Malucci

Dr. Jay-

I wanted to tell you thank you for helping me so much.  You have no idea how much you really have helped me professionally and personally.   It crossed my mind and I thought I would let you know. 

Jason Malucci DC.   - Dayton Ohio 


James Fowler

Hey Doc-

I wanted to say thank you for the dramatic help you have been in my life and practice.  I humbly thank you for your guidance. You have been a rock that i have been able to stand on.    James Fowler DC.  -Rowlett TX 

Robert Rice

Doc Jay,

I want to commend you on your leadership through these difficult times during the covid crisis . You have done an excellent job of providing leadership along the way. Our office has been rock solid.  Thank you.

Robert Rice DC. - Amelia Florida

Gordon Grant DC

Dr. Jay

As a leader a mentor what have you offered us during this entire time is Hope and direction. In addition to specific steps all along the way so we could stay stable and grow. We could have never made it through this covid mess with out you. You led us directly to all the available grants and procedures to keep our patients under care inspite of a statewide lockdown.  

Sincere Appreciation.   GG Grant DC. Monroe LA     

Paula Batterton

Dear Jay,

I was contemplating this morning the different approaches different coaches/mentors have taken over the years. As usual you  are in the trenches, losing sleep, available 24/7 to provide the nuts and bolts to get us to the other side of this covid trauma intact. I am grateful for all that you do and continue to do.

Paula Batterton DC.   - Houston Texas 713-861-9168 

Bryan Kestler

Good morning Jay,

I got the success game plan on my email today! Reading positive thoughts to start each week has been instrumental in my practice.  Thank you for all you do!  "Keep swinging" is now my favorite internal thought - Bryan Kestler DC. Texas

paul blumsack

Hi Dr. Jay,

I want to thank you for all your advice every time we reach out to you. Its always right on the mark, invaluable. 

Paul Blumsack, D.C. 770-362-6430   Marietta, GA 

Pat Jones DC


Just a heads up from someone that survived the 9/11 disaster two months into practice, the high tech bust here in Austin, and of course 2008, oh and a bloody divorce and custody battle. I paid that off in two years with your advice.  I think Covid-19 is catastrophic, but like dousing hot steel in cold water makes it stronger.  Chiropractic will survive and thrive!  If you’re on fire people will come to watch you burn…. Thanks for all the great advice.  I wouldn’t have made it 19 years without standing on your shoulders.

Pat Jones DC   Austin Texas

Michael Huppert DC


I’m a brand new client. I’ve been coached by many big hitters over the past 30 years, and had a successful, profitable career. No regrets. While I don’t have much history with you, I’ve seen a sincerity and unconditional desire to help that is very refreshing. Stay thirsty my friend.

Michael Huppert DC.  - Athens GA

Nicholas Senuta DC

Hey Jay!!

This isn’t about fluffing your feathers... Butttt rather a sincere Thank You to a True Patriot that you are in Chiropractic!! I’ve been mentored by both You and Dr. Gibson for well over 30 years. I’ve observed you both.. I’ve listened and adhered to your philosophy’s, practice management, mentoring and practice building values and advice. Your principles have withstood the test of time. Sound, Solid effective advice , procedures and principles.

The point is to sincerely Thank You, and especially during these times, for the profound diligence, research and spearheading of bringing forth ammunition, understanding, calming fears, speaking truth and most of all for the Mentorship that you provide for all of us and our profession!!

Your presence during this crisis truly speaks of your dedication, devotion and valor... to not only me but to the entire Chiropractic profession!!

I’m sincerely proud to be a student and friend of yours for sooo many years!!!

Nicholas J Senuta DC   -Latrobe PA

michael stroh

Jay Morgan I am so greatful, I met you. Last week my numbers dropped substancially, from 700 to 500 due to the corona hysteria here in Sweden. However, that is still ten times as much as when I met you. I look out on crazy town and all the time I hear my patients telling me that it is so nice to have a place to go to these days.

Michael Stroh DC  -Sweden

aaron binns

Thanks Dr. Jay!  

I am grateful for all your love and support. You make a difference in my life and my practice! 

Dr. Binns - WA

eric terrell

You're the best Dr. Jay.  

Your thoughts are always timely and inspiring. They're just what I need, like rocket fuel in my Monday morning coffee. Happy 2020. Looking forward to the journey together.   

Eric Terrell DC   - VA

Richard Fox

Dear Jay-

You good sir are one hell of a phenomenal human being. I for one am incredibly thankful our paths crossed. Thank you for all the help and inspiration you have given me and so many others. 

Richard Fox DC.  Arcadia CA   


Aaron Seaton

I want to thank you Dr. Jay.  You are very hands on.  Your production sheets were a real eye opener.  I know that with your coaching and my following through, we will get where we want to go.   

Aaron Seaton DC    Palo Cedro CA


Thanks Jay!!

We collected nearly 159 K last month! YAY! It goes without saying, but you have been instrumental in my success. Both in the office and with my personal life. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

GG Grant DC.   Monroe LA  

Andrew Oteo


I am so grateful for you in so many ways. After graduating Parker I was frustrated, stuck in a mental and financial rut. Nothing happens by accident. God brought you in my path at the absolute lowest point in my career and you untimately changed the course of my life. Your words spoke to me, " enjoy the journey and stay persistent in creating a purpose driven life and practice."  Thankyou for all you have done for myself, my family, and our profession. 

Andrew Oteo DC      Stonebridge Chiropractic.   TX

Andrew Oteo

Hey Jay, 

It was a great weekend in Austin with you and the crew!!  I took lots of notes, already busy implementing. I wanted to thank you again for your guidance over the years..I am getting ultra focused on absolutely rocking before the end of the year.  We have collected $580k so far this year, I want that over $1M this year.

With your continued help we will get there!

Many thanks!

Andrew Oteo DC .  Stone bridge Chiropractic.  Texas


eric terrell

Doc Jay,

I will be out of the country for two weeks (Bike tour through Sicily and some other friends). Thanks again for all you do.  I really am grateful for your presence.  The motivation stuff is IMMENSELY helpful at keeping my head on straight, it helps smooth out the inner roller coaster!

Eric Terrell, D.C. 

Eric Terrell

Hi Dr. Jay,
NP have definitely been up. Averaging 9 per week since started with you.That's great.  Numbers in 230 -240 pt visit per week. Thanks for the support and inspiration.  That really helps.

Eric  Terrell, D.C.  Virginia 

eric terrell

Dr. Jay,

Things are trending up.  Thanks for your support and encouragement.  The constant immersion helps and the steady action works. 


Eric Terrell - Fairfax VA

Bill Byrkitt


You are truly a beautiful person. I have never met anyone as honorable as you. You have helped me and my practice more than you can imagine. May God bless you and your family.


Bill Byrkitt DC  IL   618-344-2501

Bill Parker DC

Hi Dr.Jay,

I listened to the Tuesday call.  Great reminders of things I should be doing. The message from you was GOLD.  Patients can understand everything takes time... except the healing from an adjustment!

Bill Parker DC   Hastings MN

Gary Weber

Dear Jay-

I consider the most important step a Chiropractor can take, especially a recent graduate, is to have a mentor and a consultant, or both. that way you take on a smooth efficient system from day one.  Essential to any business and absolutely essential for Chiropractic.  My clinic was turned into a million dollar practice in one year under Jay Morgan DC support. 

Gary Weber DC.  London England. 

Terry Meredith DC

Dear Jay-

I just want you to know how special your friendship and help has been over the years. Some of the best times in my life with the support, seminars and classes over the years with you. Thank you for being a important part of my life. I can never say thank you enough, love you buddy!!!  May God continue to bless you and your family!

Terry Meridith DC  -KY

Andrew Oteo

Happy Thanksgiving Jay-

I am thankful as you have taken me from a new practice seeing Zero to collecting over 70K per month average. This in just over two short years. This would not be possible without your help and guidance.  Please feel free to have any prospective client contact me directly.    

Dr. Andrew A. Oteo

Stonebridge Chiropractic

Ph: 469-535-3800

Fx: 469-533-0399




Andrew Oteo

Growth takes hustle and massive determination.  I am committed!!  I see the impact my practice has on the community and it inspires me to push even harder to reach more people.  Thanks for mentoring & loving me all of these years, even if it was tough love!! 

Dr. Andrew A. Oteo

The Colony, TX  75056

Ph: 469-535-3800


paul bauer

Dr. Jay-

We finished this past week with 29 more patient visits than last week. I asked my CA why? She said our attitude is changing. I should have joined you 12 years ago. 

Paul Bauer DC    Cincinatti, OH  

Paula Batterton

I have worked with Dr. Jay for 22 years plus. I was reccomended by a classmate what was being mentored by him. I remeber saying " I can't afford that" and Jays reply was " You can't afford not to." Boy was he right. With Jays guidance we doubled in a year. He gave me step by step direction. Since then we have continued to grow.  Throughout the years he has been available 24/7 to provide a resource for any situation that may arrise. He is one of the most positive and compassionate people I have ever met.  Dr. Jay inspires all of those around him to be better versions of themselves.  He is a blessing to the lives of his clients and the Chiropractic profession.  

Feel Free to contact me directly.  713-861-9168  Houston Texas


Greg Alexander

I have been mentored by Dr. Jay Morgan for over 25 years now. What you need to know about Jay Is HE IS ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU!  I am a believer in not reinventing the wheel. This letter is to highly recommend Dr. Jay to you. Jay keeps me from making the wrong decisions and keeps me on track making the correct ones.

Our clinic was completely destroyed in the Houston flood. With Jays guidance within a few months we were back on our feet and growing again. Now we are setting growth records. All due to Dr. Jay’s support. 

If you want stress free growth and profit in your practice please contact Jay right away! Feel free to contact me at any time.      281-376-2225


Chae Tracy

Dr. Jay has been coaching us for many years. Running several office can be a challenge, however he has always been there for us. A call, text, or e mail. His help has been invaluable in helping us continue to grow and serve the masses. Thanks always to Dr. Jay for your service to us and the betterment of the profession.      

Hollis Helms

When I first met Dr. Jay I had been practicing for 11 years, doing ok, paying bills but not much more. After joining Jay my practice numbers doubled in one year and with in two years tripled simply by implimenting rock solid procedures. Aside from the financial benefits, I discovered that practicing in a successful office was fun!

If you want to transform your office and your life in encourage you to contact Dr. Jay. Feel free to reach out to me at any time if you have questions.  210-490-3555.  

Omar Arrieta

Dr. Jay I can't express how grateful I am to have you on this journey. Things are exciting but scary. You have helped me every step of the way in starting my new office. You are the best investment I have ever made.  -Omar Arrieta DC   Salt Lake City 


Andrew Oteo

Dear Jay- 

I am eternally grateful for you mentorship and friendship.  This has been a wonderful year and many more blessings to follow.  Our office has grown beyond my wildest dreams and you have helped me every step of the way never giving up on me. From my associateship, to starting my own practice. And now hiring my own associate. 

God Bless you Jay.  Your adopted son,

Andrew Oteo D.C.   The Colony Texas  469-535-3800 



Sterling Connell

Dr Jay-

All of the things you've told me to do have worked just like you said they would.  No need to reinvent the wheel.


Dr. Sterling Connell   South Carolina


Glen Waldt

Keep doing what you do.  You are one of the very few who does an excellent job for the right reasons without gouging your clients.

Your friend,

Glenn Waldt D.C.  PA

Casey Morgan DC

The training on this program is awesome! My staff and I are fired up and on purpose! We have never felt so focused, organized and ready to handle the challenges that practice always seems to throw at us. We just had our largest day in collections EVER! We are also halfway to meeting last months total collections and its only the 8th of the month.  

Life is so much easier in the office having our policies and procedures nailed down. Patients are more compliant and actually happy to pay! This program takes the guess work out of everything, and if you have a question, Jay is always quick (if not immediate) to respond with a solution. 


My staff and I can't wait for what the future growth will bring!

-Casey Morgan, D.C.-


West End Chiropractic  Austin, TX 


Linda Matz DC

Dear Jay- 

Literally keeping in touch with you and being conscious adds so much to my practice. A very little shift of intention and being more present in each moment. My days are all looking so full!!!! Thank you so very much! 

Linda Matz DC   Missoula Montana


Howard Tornopski DC


This stuff is gold.  Every time I read the basic procedures I get motivated to fine tune. Just like free throws and layups you have to be good at them to build anything else. 

Howard Tornopski DC   New Jersey 

Chris Donofri DC


You’re amazing how you always respond in a timely manner!  We should all take lessons from you…you’re a great model!

Chris Donofri DC     New Jersey


Linda Matz DC

Hi Jay! I read the info. the day you had asked me to and watched the videos and guess what? My practice boomed right back. Literally the next day.


Linda Matz  ......Montanta 

Samuel Cooper

Dr. Jay,

I feel very lucky to have found you. You are providing what I absolutely need better than anyone has.  Thank you. 

Samuel Cooper DC.   Endicott NY

Vic Rizzo


Thanks for not giving up on me and accepting me into Practice Management. After 6 years of beating my head into the ground and starving I am very comfortable today thanks to your program. I just turned 58 and am very blessed. I’ve had to change my “stinkin thinkin” in the beginning and survive divorce in the middle of breaking out, but you can’t keep an “On Purpose” chiropractor down.

Vic Rizzo   P.A.

Bryan Kestler


I just wanted to thank you for your constant motivation. 2016 was my best year in the last 18 years of practice. Coming into the office on Monday mornings and reading the "Thot of the week" seems to push me down the right path mentally to start the week and hopefully lead to better decisions not only in practice but at home. Again, just wanted to say thanks.
Bryan Kestler D.C. Texas

Dr. Eldridge


Months ago I would have called it quits and just accepted the situation. Thanks for giving me the motivation and purpose to know that success can only come from NOT travelling the easy road and that in doing so I can make a difference in the world!

Donald Eldridge DCA   Louisville KY

Vincent Paolicelli

Dr. Jay,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly concerning my question, I did not expect you to answer on a Sunday I just wanted to get “it” off my mind...I really really appreciate your info to date!
Your timely help and pertinent info has been the best I have had to date of any consultant. You really seem to care about my circumstances as a colleagues. I only wish I had more of that in this profession, thank you!

Vincent Paolicelli D.C. Wilmington

Tracy Matz

Hello Jay,

Love your e-mail's each week.  They always pick me up!  We are rocking here!

Tracy Matz.....Matz Family Chiropractic         Billings Montana

Glen Waldt


You're the hardest working guy I know!  Who else responds in 2 minutes this late at night? Thanks for your constant support!

Glen Waldt D.C.    Pottstown  PA  

Hal Richart

Hey Jay,

Just a quick update. This year is shaping up to be our best year in the past five. We are on task to break 1 million dollars. We did over 100k this last month.

Seriously the emails you send me keep new ideas and PTA fresh! Oh and I only work 3 and 1/2 days a week!
Thanks a lot!

Hal Richart .......... Plainfield, IL

Aaron Smith


This past month I paid off all my credit cards. A short while ago it was scary how much debt I had.  I also just paid off my equipment from when I started my practice. We also signed a contract to build our first home, we will be breaking ground the first part of Oct. Thanks so much for your help in getting us there!      

Aaron Smith D.C.   Cedar Park TX

Steven Teufel

Hi Doc,

Believe it or not, just having made the commitment to your program and reading and listening to your materials has made a positive impact on my practice. I believe my patients can see more confidence and certainty in me, and the general attitude in the office has improved.

Many thanks!
Steve Teufel D.C.    ... KY

Beth Harrill

Dr. Jay,

Thanks for an awesome first week on your program! I started 7 new patients last week. A great start to say the least!  Thanks for everything!

Dr. Beth Harrill      Hendersonville N.C.   

Gail Kelley

Dear Jay-

Amazing week in collections beat 2 out of 3 goals and set a new world record for collections for this office. Can't wait to get this week started! Every one I met got this past week got a chiropractic earful! Definitely gaining momentum. I keep thinking one of my homemade affirmations "My practice is growing like a snowball rolling down hill!" 

Thanks for the recharge! 
Dr. Gail D. Kelley, D. C. Torrance, CA

James Fowler

Dr. Morgan

The office has been making some great momentum.  We had two record weeks with the most pv ever.  Over 360:  Collections are good and we are getting insurance under control. Here's to amazing chiropractic success. By the way the e mails seem to hit on just what I need each week.

Thanks so much!
James Fowler D.C.   Rowlett TX

Tim Gooing

Dear Jay-

We are sharing a booth at the OC fair with other docs.  I hear their complaints of how the world is treating them...while they sit in the booth and watch people walk by...I am out front bringing them in using the way you taught me.

Last month we collected 146k...our best month ever...!
I just don't get it sometimes...I really don't...neither do they I suppose...thanks for the weekly pep talk and all of your help over the years! :)

Dr. Tim Gooing/ 949-586-8525 office

David Packer

Thanks Jay,

Anytime I ask for something you follow through and deliver above and beyond, love being your client brother!  :)

Dave Packer D.C.  .....Virginia

Dan Algim


We did over $5,000.00 in services yesterday and three new patients!  Thanks!  We're on our way.  You're the boss.  It's good to be 'back'.

Dan Algrim D.C.  Racine WI

James Fedich

This weeks total visits was 166! Best week ever in eight years of practice!!!

Dr James  Fedich  ......Allamuchy New Jersey

Aaron Stump

Dr. J

Just wanted to let you know that I have been getting new patients, getting busier, and closing treatment programs.  I got my version of a health pass yesterday, gave 2 to a patient this morning with the script, and got a call this afternoon from a NP he gave it too.  Thanks for your help!

Dr. Aaron J. Stump    Gastonia NC

David Packer

Wow, thanks!  Jay you are the master of all chiro coaches! Always to me promptly, always with the correct answer, and our results are amazing!  I appreciate what you do.

Dave Packer D.C.  Chesapeake  VA

Aaron Smith


I'm proud to inform you that May was my best collection month ever!! New Patients: 34  TOTAL COLLECTIONS: $51,933  Many thanks!    

Aaron Smith D.C.   Round Rock TX

Jeremy Schmid

Hi Jay,

Good news!  We have just broken our record for monthly collections. We are sitting at just over $49K for May and still have one day to go.  I think my prior record was ~$47K.  There is a very real chance we may hit the $50K mark tomorrow.  Thanks so much for your help!

Jeremy Schmid D.C.   Princeton Texas

Bill Byrkit

Dear Jay

A big thank you for all the information you give out each week. It is definitely helping keep me in practice until I decide to retire. After all these years I still love to adjust and I am so thankful. Thanks for keeping my head in the game!

Bill Byrkit D.C.    Collinsville, IL

Jason Cerutti

Good Morning Doc,

Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all the info and guidance you have provided.  Things are really starting to ramp up again – thanks. Keep the inspiration coming! 

Jason Cerutti D.C.     Sicklerville  NJ

Jennifer Panchur

 Hey Doc

Just wanted to say hello and to thank you for the “pep talk” yesterday.  I did make the personnel changes necessary for my office today. When we get rid of what is holding us back, how things “open up” and change.  T
hanks again for being my consultant over the years.  I appreciate you.

Jennifer J. Panchur, D.C.   Wadsworth Ohio

James Fedich

Hey Buddy!

We did our patient appreciation day on saturday. I would highly recomend it. I did 10 new patient exams in two hours. Staff did great, we reactivated a bunch of people, definately a success. Thanks for all you do!

Dr. James R. Fedich      Allamuchy NJ

Kelly Ryan

Hey Dr. Jay,

I thought I would update you a little. By implementing only a few of the things you put out I had my best February in collections, patient visits, and production and my best ever for visits and production in March!

Kelly Ryan D.C.  Anchorage AK

laura clinton

Hi Jay!,

On behalf of my children and myself, thank you for everything you are, have, and will do for us and for chiropractic. You are a great mentor and friend. You have enriched my life tremendously,

thank you!
Love ya!   Lara Clinton,D.C.  Houston TX 281-793-9456

Bryn Chimes

Hi Jay-

I owe you a big, big thank you my friend. I call you the ‘postman’ in the kindest way of course, because you "ALWAYS DELIVER!".  I owe you a big thank you Jay for nudging me in the right direction.  Can’t tell you how excited I am. Anyway, I know you haven’t got all day to listen to my ramblings so thanks again, I really appreciate it.

Speak soon my friend!      Bryn Chimes  

Doug Willen

Hi Jay,

I finished last week with probably my best stats in over 2 years. It sure made me feel good. Monday I had my best day in 2 years.

Doug Willen D.C.   New York, NY

Kimberly Farrington

Dr. Jay-

You are the first management consultant to actually help me. I have always been priced out of my market. I have not received this type of assistance from any other management companies. 

Thank you!

Kimberly Farrington D.C.  Houston TX

Lee Hilliard

Hey Doc,

I saw 250 this week for the first time!!!  

Thanks!  Lee Hilliard D.C.   Portales, NM

Jeremy Schmid

Morning Jay,

I wanted to check in w/ u. Regarding the office... historically, Feb has always been a slow month in our practice, but this Feb was my best Feb ever.  We collected a little over $45K.  That is close to a monthly record for me.  And...  we didn't have any big PI settlement checks in that $45K to skew it high.

Thanks for all the help!


Tim Gooing


I still don't get it...this is suppose to be a hard economy to thrive in. I see chiros in my area...talk to them...they are struggling...I wish I could help them see it is a great time to be a chiro. Last year was our best year ever! Last February we collected 75k saw 1650 visits and had 62 np's and that was the best February ever that we had...until this last February...

114K collection
1972 visits
102 new patients

I don't think I work hard but those around me say that I do. I have learned from you to not ever give up. I stay enthusiastic which can be hard when the stuff of the day piles up. It can be overwhelming sometimes. I think the best way to describe how we continue to be able to thrive is I don't like to loose. I like to win. I get excited when I see numbers like this happen for us.

I am rambling but I guess I just want to say thanks for the friendship and the practice building I have learned from you over the years...I am excited to see what is going to happen this year...I see in my head a 200k collection month / 2200 ov / 150 np...lets see what happens! (we will figure out how to make it happen together)

Dr. Tim Gooing
Mission Hills Chiropractic
23695 Birtcher Drive
Lake Forest, CA 92630

Aaron Smith


We did awesome this week, a new record here!  140 visits with 10 new patients! (we are going to hit our goal of 500 this month too!!!) Thanks for helping me get motivated again. I love what I do for a living!!!

Aaron Smith D.C.   Austin TX

Daniel Foss


Thank you for everything. Your coaching has literally transformed my office and the mantra "the more you do the more you grow" is imprinted in my brain daily :)

racias!!!       Daniel Foss D.C.   San Antonio Texas

Pat martin

Dr. Jay:

Thanks for the great seminar last weekend. I came home to such great opportunity. My outlook has never been better and my service to humanity will be the best it has been to date. Thank you for the kick in the head to get me on track and grateful for what God has blessed me with. Oh, by the way we saw 81 today.

God Bless  Patrick and Amy Martin D.C.    San Antonio TX

Bud Hoffman

 Dear Jay,

You hit a grand slam with this week's success game plan. I can't stop reading all the great "gems" you have in there. I'm full of ideas and tomorrow I take the action to complete them. Thanks. Talk to you soon!

Bud Hoffman D.C.     Campbell CA

Jim Minico

Hey Jay,

2011 was good to us. We jumped in every category, LOOK:


Thanks for all the hard work you do on line for us every week. IT DOES MATTER!

Dr. Jim Minico Chapin SC

Mark Olivetti

Thanks Doc.

I am quite comfortable with current pace, results, and income. Profit increased 50k this year. Not bad.:) 

Mark Olivetti D.C.    Mechanicsburg PA

Ken Downing

Doc,  You rock with info that is refreshing and motivating. All suggestions will be followed!  Just the positive feeling from your CD's is increasing my numbers!  

Dr. Ken Downing    ....Westwood KS

David Waller


By the way, in 2010 I averaged 110 pts per week. 2011 I averaged 170 wk. and most of that increase came after starting with you in June. That is awesome growth!

David Waller D.C.    Rockwall TX 


Chris Horak

Hi Jay: 

I had my best year in practice ever for 2011.  Big Thanks.

Chris  Horak D.C.   ........   Mundelein  IL

Howard Tornopsky

Hi Jay,

Office manager just tallied up for year. Collected $604,995 for 2011. Best year since the 90s!!      

Howard Tornopsky D.C.  ......  Lakewood NJ

Jeremy Schmid D.C.

Hi Jay,

Just looking over my finalized 2011 stats:
-NPs were up 67% over last year.
-PVs were up 46% over last year.
-Production was up 42% over last year.
-Collections were up 32% over last year.

Total collections for the year were $420,356.  That is $102K more than last year.I want to send you a big THANK YOU for helping me achieve my best year ever!!  Now it's time to kick it up another 50% in 2012!

Jeremy Schmid D.C.&nbs

Nic Geibler

We are rocking right now. Things are continually getting busier. Your ability to re-focus me is showing up daily. I love my job and because of that, I'm loving life too!  So much to be thankful for.......including you.

Nic Geibler D.C.   Kiel, WI

Rhonda Parker

Hi JJ,

I love you... and your Holiday Coupon program! :)

We've had 11 NPs this week so far, 4 last week and 6 the week before.  We've been handing out more letters to patients and to neighboring companies. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!

~Rhonda Parker D.C.   Austin TX   

Dave Packer


We did it!  25% growth in 2012.  Getting back connected with you was a very wise move!  Thanks for everything.

Dave Packer D.C.   Virginia

Wayne Hoover

Dr. Jay,
Thank you so very much for all the mentoring you have provided this last year. Honestly you have helped me more than anyone in ameliorating my chiropractic skills. I will forever be indebted to you! Thank you again for your expertise. 
Wayne Hoover D.C.     Montrose  CO

Chae Tracy

Powerful stuff doc.. Thank you..
390 for the week and 5 new pts. I am thankful for many things including the insight you continue to give me and the profession.. Thank you! 
~Dr. C. Chae Tracy~  Dripping Springs TX

Howard Tornopsky

Thank you Jay for being a point of reference and an anchor. Whether we act on it is up to us but if we dont have a place to learn and reiterate what works then we are lost before we start.

Howard Tornopsky D.C.   Lakewood N.J.

Billy Long

Hello Dr. Morgan,

Just finished my health fair at a company! Scheduled 18 pts for next week! All have good health insurance. A good experience! Thank you for your information. It went well. I am now trying to schedule more of these events beacase it taps into more potential patients at one time.

Thank you again.
Billy Long D.C.  Calabasas,  CA

Gail Kelley


Your guidance has been priceless! Thank you!

Gail Kelley D.C.  - Orange County CA

Hal Richart

OK Jay,

I know I asked for it but this has gotta stop, I don't know what kinda voodoo that you do that you're doing so well. 3 new patients yesterday, slammed last night with 27 in the afternoon, we are at 87 k and not yet half way into this month.

At the end of the night a recent NP 's husband walks up to me and says he just asked for NP paperwork,"that 's right  Doc you're getting the whole family!" Great I say. But I mean what the hell?

Kind  regards  you SOB.   Hal Richart D.C.  

Kim Lombardy

Hi Jay,

It was you who kept me as positive as possible through these dark days. Staff was another challenge. At this juncture the practice of Chiropractic was no longer fun, I was unhappy, patients were unhappy, something had to change and it did.

I had no office, no equipment and no staff I did not have any place to go except Depressionville. So I called Dr. Jay, who proceeded to tell me this was the greatest day of my practice life, is he sick or what? :) I had a future and hope!

I am currently in a new office even nicer than my old with a great staff. Our patients are returning and I am happy again. It's great to be a CHIROPRACTOR again.My enthusiasm for my profession has never been higher and it’s attracting patients, without any advertising just patient excitement like mine.

I thank God every day for waking up a DOCTOR OF CHIROPRACTIC and finding what I had lost. It's good to be back. God bless you Jay and God bless this great profession of Chiropractic.

Dr. Kim Lombardy Augusta Georgia

Tim Gooing

Last month record collection!

$135K last month...best month ever...must be the economy! (lol)

Dr. Tim Gooing   Lake Forest, CA

Jeremy Schmid

Hi Jay,

You normally only hear problems, so I just wanted to tell you some good news! As of right now, we are sitting at just over $45K collected for the month. In the last couple of months, I've paid off 4 equipment leases and my savings is healthier than it has been in a long time. I collected more in Jan-Sept this year than I did all of 2010 (and that includes some very low numbers in Jan/Feb/Mar this year).

From May 2011 to now, I am averaging ~$42K per month. That is an increase of about $16K per month, which if my math is correct, is a 61% increase in collections directly related to the new office! And let me tell you... EVERYTHING in life is better when collections are going up and overhead is going down.Now... we charge on to our next goal of getting a couple associate docs in to grow to the next level! ;)

Thanks for all your help,
Jeremy Schmid D.C. Princeton Texas

Brad Cudnik

Hey Dr Jay,

I am loving the info and inspiration, I am excited. We are coming off one of top months with a record # of new patients! We had a very successful patient appreciation week with about 40 nps at the beginning of the month, and a coupon deal with over 98 deals sold! 

My associate and I are on track and adding new projects each week, and along way to go. Joining your online program was the best decision I have made in a very long time!   

Dr Brad Cudnik   San Antonio TX 

Jim Minico

Hey Jay,

Just wanted to let you know that we had our best week to date last week.  We did a Patient App. Week and got 29 new patients! Our visits for the week were 327!  Not bad for practicing in a town of 500 people!

Dr. Jim Minico       Chapin SC

John Burki

Hey Bud,

Collected $17k THIS WEEK.  Best ever for this little old Gig Harbor kid up here in the Pacific Northwest.  Last month we collected $54k.  October will definitely be over $60k.  I LOVE YOU MAN. 


Chris Waddell


Just ran the stats for new pts this month - 42 so far!! Thats the most ever!!! Rocking and rolling!!!! Thanks bro. your new patient programs rock!

Chris Waddell, DC    Shawnee, OK

Billy Demoss


What an amazing weekend....Austin Texas(my new favorite city....can u say rok n roll?)...for Jay Morgans outa control SPIZZMATICS...200 DCs eatin up the philosophy,vibrating a higher level...yes we can save the werld...

Lv Ya!   Billy Demoss D.C.   Southern Cal.

jeff Gancas

Dr. Jay,

I just want to thank you for already opening my eyes to making changes. I was not building enough value. We have only been together a short while, and I'm already see excellent changes in my practice!

Dr. Jeff Gancas ......Austin, TX

Kim Lombardy

Dear Jay-

It’ Saturday night here in Augusta Georgia. I just finished watching your philosophy talk. Wow that was great! I am so pumped right now I want to turn all the clinic lights on and unlock the front door and start adjusting patients. Mission accomplished brother. Look out here I come babe!

Love ya and thanks for hanging in there with me all these years! I could not have done it with out you!

Talk to you soon!
Kim Lombardy D.C. Augusta Georgia

David Graber


It is always refreshing to speak with you. You really talk from the "No Spin Zone" with a clear understanding of the challenges and what it takes to build a practice. No hype, no sales pitches, just basics and a workable plan.  

David I. Graber, DC, DACBSP  Mountain Lakes, NJ 973-335-1100

Howard Tornopsky

Dear Jay,

I am almost back to where I was in the height of the early 90s w insurance at its best!
We dont have the luxury of bad business skills or poor patient communication which was a byproduct of so much insurance reliance back in the olden days.
It's truly all good and getting better. Thank you Jay for being an anchor and a point of reference. We are blowing and growing! 

Howard Tornopsky D.C.  ....LakeWood NJ

Gail Kelley


Thanks for all the help! You are working wonders in my office!

Gail Kelley D.C.   Orange County CA.

Chis Waddell

Hi Jay-

It's only been a week since I joined up and things are rolling already - mind shift is taking place......here are last weeks stats: 236 pv/9 new pts!

Chris Waddell, DC    Shawnee, OK

David Waller


I just wanted you to know I broke my practice record again. Saw 202 "paying" pts vits this week. My previous record was 189. 200/wk was a barrier for me mentally. My goal is 500/wk. With your help we will get there FAST! Keep pushing me. Thanks Jay!

David Waller D.C. .......RockWall TX

Tim Gooing


I have been trying to get into a large company here for some time...keep working around the closed doors...patience...persistence (learned from you)...2 years later...BAM...I am IN BABY!!!!. I am going to be going over every week at 12:30-2:30 on mondays to see people there and screen them...5 min from office...they have wonderful insurance coverage...I am on cloud 9...it is so hard to get these kind of opportunities...the is GREAT!

Thanks for teaching me so well!
Dr. Tim Gooing/ Laguna Hills CA

Gary Kiekhoefer


Thanks for all you do for chiropractics and for my office. We are booming!

Your the best!
Gary Kiekhoefer D.C.     Cottage Grove MN

Mark Olivetti

Hey Dr. Jay-

Today was my biggest day to date. Even coming off a holiday. I saw 53 patients, including a handful of new patients. I am tired but not overly so. I keep growing and am very happy with that.

Thanks Jay,
Mark Olivetti, D.C.-  Mechanicsburg PA

Tim Gooing

Jay you suck!

You suck all the bad stuff out of our heads and create a vacuum of energy that only a fool would not take advantage of...so you SUCK BIG TIME bud...he he!

Thanks...We had 110 NPO's and over 2000 ov last month...collected about 96k...I guess we suck too...:) ...and I am on a 12 day vacation....life Is good...wouldnt be this good if you hadn't taken the time to make my life what it is today...I really do appreciative all that you have done for me and what it truly means to me to have you in my corner.

You changed my life in so many ways you don't even know. I am proud to be a chiropractor, I can afford a nice house, I was able send my wife and two oldest boys to Europe for a month (they are there now), I could go on and on...my life is where it is at because you cared about me like no one else never did...I am totally and completely appreciative the good lord left me on your doorstep.

Dr. Tim Gooing....... Southern California

Mike Shimmel


If you need to use me in any promotional material for you please do. It seems as long as I stay connected to your Internet program all is well. Collections are at an all time high....The practice is booming. Thanks for helping me in every way these past 20 years!

Thank-You for everything and every way you have impacted my life.

Mike Shimmel D.C.      Stow-Kent Ohio

Lyle Koca


You are a PILLAR and example of LEADERSHIP for ChiropracTIC Jay...what you are doing for me and our D.C.s here in Nebraska for EPOC...THANK YOU FOR STEPPING WAYYYYYY UP TO THE PLATE...much luv bro!!!

Lyle Koca D.C. ...  Omaha Nebraska


Andrew Glanville

Dr. Jay-

You help has been invaluable. I am going to refer all of my classmates your way. When I told them about my increased success they asked how I have been doing it.  I said it was because of you Dr.Jay!

Thanks.....Dr. Drew Glanville  -Spokane WA

Gail Kelley

Dr. Jay,

Just have to say thank you for the reactivate letter from the last online chat! I sent out a few on tuesday and have already seen 50% return on them!!!

Dr. Gail D. Kelley, D. C. Lakewood, CA

Tim Gooing


I really appreciate your work for the profession. Your help has been invaluable to my office. I guess what I am saying is thanks for being my friend and sounding board for us bone heads out here. Our office is booming!  Setting records weekly!

Tim Gooing D.C.    ...........     Southern California  


Rick Tsai

Yo Jaybird. Awesome weekend. Great seminar!

Everyone reading jays posts that does not attend his seminars or is not a member of his group should know that HE IS THE VERY BEST at what he does. If you have a practice, new or existing, struggling or booming he's a great mentor to help you overcome your struggles or keep you booming.

- Rick Tsai D.C.   Darlington PA

Mike Trabbold

Hey Jay,

Just thought I'd share with you that I just paid off my business loan from when I bought my practice. That's $222,500 for the practice.  Not to mention I paid off the student loan 6 years ago which was $87,500.  That's $310,000 in loans (just principal) that have been paid back in 10 years or less.....

Thanks so much for yor help!  I could not have done it without your help!

Mike Trabbold D.C.    ............  Kenosha WI

Dr. Jeremy


I occasionally send you long whining emails so I wanted to send u a good report today.  As my grandpa says... Dude, I am in HIGH COTTON!!!  2 more prepays this morning.  I'm on pace for my highest collecting month ever. 

My conversion rate is near 100% and everybody is prepaying.  Thanks for all your help over the years.  I look forward to seeing u in Austin in a couple weeks.

Dr. Jeremy - Texas

Dr. Schmidt

Hi Jay,

We opened in our brand new freestanding office today!!!  I just wanted pause a moment...  to say THANK YOU... for all your help over the last 7 years to get to this point.
  I sincerely appreciate you and your consistency & persistency.

Thank you,  Dr. Schmidt

Andrew Glanville


Since I went on line with you my practice has tripled in little over 90 days, and is still growing.

Thank You!....Dr. Glanville   Spokane  WA

Chuck Gibson

Dear Jay,

Just a note to say how proud I was of you at Billy D’s clubhouse last week. Your presentation was outstanding!  In the words of BJ Palmer, “We love you because you love the things we love.  Keep on keeping on”.

Chuck Gibson ...  San Clememte California

Greg Alexander

Heya J-

My office remodel is about done, it looks great and the patients love it, and now Its TAKING OFF with NPs again.  I talked with Dr. Ken today...  I gave you a A+, and told him you are responsible for my success..  AND I AM because of you.

Love ya.  Greg Alexander   Spring Texas

Ray De Felice


Wanted to reach out. Over past couple of months our office has made a turnaround...scheduling events, your weekly reminders and motivators. Office visits back up and collections huge...Thanks for your persistence in signing me up!! .

Ray De Felice D.C.   Pompton Lakes  NJ

Marty Longner

Hey Jay-

Just thought I would let you know March was our best month since April 2007. We had pv=1,249 np=77 prod=83,000 (final collection numbers are not in yet as we have one day left in the month but they are a record also!).

Marty Longner D.C.   Bullhead City AZ

Glen Waldt


Thankyou for your concern for my practice, patients and also for me
. And always thanks for your coaching.

-Glenn Waldt / Pottstown PA

Juan Nunez

Hi Jay,

These years are flying by so fast and I can’t believe I have been in practice 25 years. I have been consulting with you since 1989 (22 years now) The first 3 years I associated and then joined another management group that almost bankrupted us. My wife and I were heavily in debt, personal and business debt and lost on how to run a practice. By following your procedures and sticking to it I have been more successful than my wildest dream.

I’m here to tell you that the basics work today like they did when I started practice. It starts with a trained staff knowing the procedures (51 steps).

It&rquo;s a great feeling to be financially independent for many years, paid for home, retirement, college funds taken care of (3 kids) and practicing to be able to help folks. Passion + knowledge + direction + proper coaching = success.

Thanks Jay,
Dr. Juan Nunez/Henderson KY

Stewart Cocks


Dr. Norman and I appreciate all the information and support you provide us. Our practice is growing. FINALLY!

Stuart Cocks D.C. / Las Vegas NV

David Packer


We are on fire this month!  Thanks for all your help!

David A. Packer, D.C./Chesapeake VA
Board Certified NUCCA Doctor/Instructor
Director/Finance Chair NUCCA
Director/Treasurer UCRF


Matt Miller


I have been busier than EVER. I literally have NEVER been this busy in 19 years of practice. Not complaining... just stating the fact. And talk about providing more quality in my care and getting more acceptance from patients. They are literally knocking my door down to get in. It has literally been standing room only all week! And no one complains about the wait.... crazy!

And people referring.... it has almost become a referring machine in here. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT

Matt Miller D.C./ Columbia SC

Matt Miller


I have been slammed at the office! Hasn't been like this in YEARS! Testing my stamina... LOL! Love it!  Have a Great weekend coach!

Matt Miller  ....S.C.

Mike Trabbold

Hi Jay,

As you know, we've been slammin' this week with the NPs. We're going to close up the week with 28 NPs this week and we now have 11 scheduled for next week. Most of these are from the screening we did this past weekend. But I've been getting a lot of feedback from people as I wasn't the only chiro at the expo. Here they are:

-You just looked happy and eager to talk to us.
-You looked like a real doctor.
-You weren't using that gizmo that spit out the same results on everyone. (Referring to the myovision).
Point being: we went in with a positive attitude, did the screenings they way you've taught us, no frills, and perfected the close....

Thanks much,
Mike Trabbold D.C. WS

Matt Miller


19 new patients.... 4 more scheduled for Monday. Have several from the Feb. special next week that had to spill over. All but one has signed on for continued care... and that one is on vacation... may jump in the pool when she returns!

Haven't had a month like this in a long time. I'm happy, CA's happy, patients are happy.
Thanks for all the help... I like your style of coaching... and patient care!

Matt Miller D.C.    Columbia S.C.

Mark Olivetti

Hey Jay

2010 was my best year yet. Increased net income by 45% and Gross income by 51%. Thanks so much for the help and inspiration!

Mark Olivetti D.C. - Mechanicsburg, PA

Victor Peres


Today was my first day ever to see over 40 patients in one day at my own clinic.  Things are really coming around and I couldn't wait to tell ya! You have really inspired me to do things I wasn't sure I could do.

Thanks So much!-  Victor Peres D.C. Kingswood TX 

Mike Ross

Hey Jay !

I had the largest health class since I started them 1.5 years ago! 32 people packed into my practice with 7 refferals afterward. I didn'thave enough chairs for the event. I have also scheduled health/safety talks with 5 factories in the area.  I don't really know what stopped me from reaching in the past, all I know is your newsletters and support have motivated me. I'm asking for refferals now and actually getting them.  Thanks for the guidance.

Mike Ross D.C. -Ohio

Chris Fowler


Our practice has been dwindling for the past 3 years, December was the first time in 7 years that I have had a week with NO new patients, actually we had two weeks with no np's in Dec and 1 week in January, after that my wife and I talked all weekend about getting back into coaching you where the first coach we had when I worked for Dr. Kerr and Dr. Clark as an associate.

I then got that email out of the blue. At that point my purpose was horrible, focus was off,etc. The week we joined all of sudden we had 9 Np's w 7 Starts, Last week we had 7 Np's w 6 starts, I also did my Health class finally and got 3 NP's. Did a screening this morning at a gym and got 6 prepayed NP's. This week we have a total 9 Np's scheduled with another 2 pre scheduled for next week and I'm doing my health class tonight and have 12 scheduled to attend. My goal is to get at least 5 NP leads, and 1 workshop lead from each patient and sign up at half of the guests.

I’ve barely had a chance to implement the stuff I’ve been getting but being in touch with an on purpose Doc has gotten me fired up and recomitted!!! The weekly motivation and connection to other DC's is awesome and helped me to get back on PURPOSE, Thanks Dr Jay!!!

Chris S Fowler, D.C.

Dr. Gooing


Last year January we saw 1249 ov's 36 np's collected 69k...and last year was a good year.  This January we saw 1890 ov 77 np collected 96k...change is good! 
All I did was read thru your suggestions and make sure we were doing 10% better.  It is hard to change everything, but not hard to change one thing (one at a time) ...thanks for all the coaching bud.   

Dr. Tim Gooing Lake Forest, CA 92630  949-586-8525 office

Victor Peres

I can't believe how well my new clinic is going I haven't been this exited in years... We are growing each week I can't wait to get there every day... I just wanted you to know that I can't thank you enough for all effort and work you have put into making me successful.

My wife is so tired of hearing me say "Jay says it needs to be done like this but then she always comes back and says your right you need to listen to him.." But I just keep reading your posts and its like we are having a conversation!

Keep up the good work that you're doing and building this amazing profession..

Vic-  Kingswood  Texas.

Wayne Hoover

Dr. Jay

Just wanted you to know that you have helped my staff and I more in the last week then what I have had in 25 years total!.
I am going to Lock and Load on the dynamics of your program.

Merry Christmas.... Talk to you soon/ Wayne Hoover- Montrose CO

Howard Tornopski

Dear Jay-

Here are my stats for this week. 280 visits. 11 nps. I'm glad I'm a chiro Jay. Thanks for keeping us on track!

Enuf said!. .......Howard Tornoski   N.J.

David Graber


I really appreciate and benefit from these weekly emails personally as well as professionally. Great thoughts, ideas, and motivations.  Thanks!

David I. Graber, DC, Mountain Lakes, NJ

Dr. Bahram

My Dear Dr. Jay,

I really appreciate your dedication to do whatever it takes to help me and your fellow chiro friends succeed.  This kind of attitude helps our chosen profession succeed and ultimately help our patients and our communities.

Keep it up, and may God bless you.
Dr. Bahram ...Orange County CA.

Tim Gooing


I think about how we are doin things in the office...and I realize how easy it is to be a knuckle head and get off track on some easy things. 
I guess this is why I have a guy like you in my life...thanks for kicking me in the head once in awhile!  I was sitting here this morning drinking my coffee wondering what I need to work on...your email provided the script for the week...thanks!

Tim Gooing D.C.

Bret Brown


You are AMAZING! I appreciate and admire you. Thanks for all your help!

Bret Brown....Cheyenne, WY

Jason Rannfeldt


Just thought is let you know we did our first patient appreciation day last weekend from 9 to noon on sat. We saw 50 adjustments and 15 new patients.  Thanks for helping with the organization.

Jason Rannfeldt D.C.  .... Davenport Iowa

Dr. Dave

Thanks Jay,

We have been slammed!  We did a patient appreciation day on Saturday saw close to 30 people, 10 of them new ones. Did a screening this month and signed up 10. Radio show did 10. Did a talk today signed up 6…………things are MOVING……..collected over 80 last month, behind pace but catching up fast, sold 4 HMA’s today! PAID IN FULL!

Dr. Dave....   Chesapeake VA

Bahram Goshtasbi

Dear Dr. Jay

Today has been a tremendous day. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed and benefited from today's tele-seminar.  As always, you do a fantastic job of motivating me and my staff. Thank you for being there for me and supporting me in this journey to take my practice to a much higher and profitable level.

Yours truly,   Bahram Gosh D.C.  Orange County CA 

Bryan Glenn

Hi Jay,

I am doing great this month! Over $20,000 in collections so far, for the first time in 2 years.  7 new patients and 3 restarts.

Bryan Glenn.   -Mishawaka IN

Mark Olivetti

Dr. Jay,

Since signing up with you in May, (3 months ago) I have gone from 100 office visits per week to 150. Pretty sweet!

Mark Olivetti D.C. -PA 

Matt Kingston

Hey Jay,


We have been having some great weeks. We are growing and our reputation is spreading which is awesome.Thanks for all your help Jay, you have been worth your weight in gold.

Matt Kingston D.C.- Madison WS

Laura Clinton

Thank you!

You are the absolute best! Not only can I always count on you to tell me what I need to know & hear- but you always make me feel like there is hope & that I'm not in it alone. You show me that I can do it & just how to do it.

God bless you!
Lara Clinton, D.C.- Houston, TX   281-793-9457

Dr. Kevin Giunta

Dear Dr. Morgan,

Thank you for expeditiously forwarding the Cyber Support Program. I am in the process of reading through the emails you sent. I am also surprised as to how much I have not been doing. I know now why I have not had much success! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

Kevin N. Giunta, D.C.- Harrison N.J.

Jake Brittain

Dr. Jay

I like how you have direct and concise answers to my questions. No BS and fluff. 
You are showing me step by step what needs to be done in order to advance.  We are now finally building a foundation for growth in the practice now! 

Jake Brittain D.C.  Kansas City

Dr. Karl Mueller

I have Been a Member Of Dr. Morgans team for 2 months and have tripled my patient visits. All in 5 Week span of time! Dr. Morgan will help organize your thoughts,your office,practice principles,and a belief system in chiropractic that will set the stage for GREATNESS!

Not just a living wage,but a spirit to change the world. Thank you Dr. Jay for your help. I reach my full potiential NOW.RIGHT NOW!

Love Always- Karl Mueller D.C.  Orefield PA

Dr. Stephen Pisker

Dr Jay,

Before I started with you a mere 3 weeks ago, my average total visits per week were 125-130. The following three weeks I have seen 151, 159, and 181. This week it looks like 180 to 190.

Key factors have been your report of findings, focusing on detail and constant self improvement. Your guidance, knowledge, motivation and support have been tremendous.

Thank you….
Dr. Stephen Pisker …… Swedesborg,  NJ

Robin Shampine D.C.

As you know I have had a S@#% load of personal issues over the last couple of years. Huge road blocks. One of them has left me essentially disabled, forcing me to hire an associate. Well, I don't listen to the news. I don't pay attention to the 10% unemployed, I focus on the 90% that's still working. I forgot to look at the economy and what the Dow Jones was doing this morning.

As a result, we are growing like gang busters. Last year was the best year the practice has seen in it's 17 years. The second week of September this year, we surpassed last years total. We will show close to 30% growth this year over last. We already have 7 new pts on the book for tomorrow. Life is sweet. Thanks for the love and guidance.

Keep up the great work!
Robin D. Shampine D.C. - Seattle WA

Greg Grochowski

I have known Dr. Jay Morgan for the past 14 years.  He has been my coach, my counselor and my friend.   Dr. Jay took me from being a mixed up purposeless Chiropractor seeing 10 patients visits in a week, and ready to quit the profession, to being an on purpose Chiropractor seeing as high as 522 visits in a week.  I never would have achieved that if it were not for Dr. Morgan's wise council.  I honestly never make a big life decisions without first talking with him. I want you to know that he is a man that you can trust both in his integrity and his wisdom.  Please feel free to contact me at any time!

Greg Grochowski D.C. Redlands CA  909-792-6976

Mike Gooing

I want to thank you for implementing your internet coaching program. We have known each other a long time and I have always respected your opinion and courage to call it like it is. As Chiropractor in a busy office, I really need to stick to the basics and my constant input from you helps me keep my focus.

You also make is extremely easy for me to communicate with you when I need help and I get an immediate direct answer, no sugar coating, that I can take action on today. Based on this support we are on track to collect well over a million dollars this year. And that, in one of the most competitive areas in the country. Thanks for all of your support.

- Mike Gooing D.C., Irvine California

Texas Chiropractic Association

Dr. Jay-

"I have spent $10,000 on Practice Management and got more of what I needed in Dr. Morgan's session than I have with all the other things I have done."

Texas Chiropractic Association/ Mid Winter Meeting

Trey Leago

Hey Doc-

I have been reading your emails and they are incredible. My practice is really improving using the projects you suggest! 

Thanks for your help!

Dr. Trey Leago.   Clear Lake Texas


Barbara Downes D.C.

Dear Jay-

Today is my day off. I'm at the office. Just scheduled 2 NP's and 2 reports for tomorrow!  I'm here writing you. Awesome fire you started doc. You are saving my life!!!

Barbara Downes D.C.    Cockeysville MD

Dr. Waldt


You have gone above and beyond what would be expected of a consultant. I do sincerely appreciate your extra efforts.

Glenn Waldt D.C. Pottstown PA

James Cosgrave

Hi Jay!

Things going great here in Ireland thankyou!

Patient visit numbers the last 4 weeks since we joined you are as follows:


The last few weeks have been

Jeremy Schmid

Upon graduating, I was a very competent chiropractor. However, my business skills were lacking. I loved helping people get and stay healthy with chiropractic. But I was really struggling financially. Something wasn't right. Became extremely frustrated because I had invested many years of my life in chiropractic. But my return on investment was dismal. I was working harder and longer than ever before, but I could barely pay my bills. I was consistently taking cash advances from my credit card just to get by. This couldn't go on much longer.

One night, I was so upset, frustrated, angry and exhausted that I cried like a baby. The next day, my wife told me about a beautiful, GIANT freestanding chiropractic office she had seen. That evening, on my way home from another lousy day at the office, I stopped in (unannounced) and asked to speak with the doctor. I had to wait a while because he was so busy. I asked him about a hundred questions, searching for his secret to success. I wanted to know what he WAS doing that I was NOT doing. This super successful chiropractor told me that his personal coach, Dr. Jay Morgan, was responsible for his success. So the next day, I called Dr. Jay. I told Dr. Jay that I wanted a GIANT office like his other client. He gave me immediate action steps. And life has not been the same since.

I have now paid off all my credit card debt. I have repaid one of my student loans. I have a new office, a new home and, most importantly, a new outlook on life! Oh yeah, and a new car too! Every Sunday, Dr. Jay emails me a weekly game plan to focus on. There is also a video of the week that features an idea to help build my practice. Every Monday night, I join Dr. Jay and dozens of other doctors in an online live consultation. He is available via email 24/7 to answer any question and help me navigate through any problem that life throws at me. Problems still arise. That is part of life. But now, I have Dr. Jay to help me through them! All of this is practically free. I've never seen a better bargain in all my life! If it were not for Dr. Jay and his sound, ethical advice, I would probalby be bankrupt today. Do what Dr. Jay tells you to do, and you too, can have a better practice and life.

Thank you, Dr. Jay! I love you as much as my wife!!! -Jeremy Schmid DC, Princeton TX

Kim Lombardy

Kim Lombardy

Hi Jay-

I like the way you think,you know if I told you I had cancer you would say "yeh but at least your not a leper!" Thanks for keeping me positive so I can keep this practice rolling now its more important then ever!!!

Kim Lombardy D.C.    Augusta Georgia

James Appell

My practice was not seeing as many patients as I anticipated upon purchasing it and the bills were piling up, as was my stress.  Since working with Jay our practice has soared from 115 patient visits per week to 400 patients visits just last week.   His Internet program keeps me focused and on purpose each week.  I am also always amazed how fast Jay responds to my personal emails. 

I am truly lucky to be consulting with Jay. 
James Appell D.C.  Columbus OH

Bryan Woods

The assistance that you have provided me has literally changed my life and helped me to achieve most every GOAL I have set for myself.  When I became a client I was working a 5 day work week seeing approximately 70 -80 patient visits weekly with 20 new patient visits monthly and gross revenue of close to $300,000/yearly.  I am now proud to say through you guidance I now see 150-175 patient visits weekly on a 4 day work week with 35-45 new patient visits monthly and gross revenue of close to $500,000/yearly.  This growth has allowed me to purchase a new office space which of course you helped me design as well as spend more time with my family which means the world to me.Thanks for always keeping me focused and being there at the drop of a hat with any questions or dilemmas that I have encountered.

Your friend always,
Bryan Woods D.C. Austin Texas

Richard Habighorst

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for all the help and support you have given me since I joined your on-line chiropractic management support program. You have re-kindled the excitement for chiropractic that was slowly flickering. Your program has gotten me back on track and continues to keep me on track with the basics that are necessary to make a practice successful.

You have helped to create a reality to the vision of the type of practice that I have been wanting for many years. I am totally excited to have you on my mastermind team. The promptness of the responding to my questions is amazing. All my questions are answered and fully understood. When clarification is needed on a particular subject, you are right there with the answer. For chiropractors that would like to have the practice of their dreams, I would highly recommend working with you.

For the small investment in your tutoring, the return is HUGE!!! It is wonderful to have such a knowlegible and caring trainer in my corner. I come out swinging with excitement every morning I get up. Thank you so much.

-Dr. Richard Habighorst Menasha, WI

Stacey Halpern

I signed on with Dr. Jay before opening my office 3 years ago. From day one, he has been more of an asset than I ever could have imagined. He treats my office as if it was his own and always gives very practical, honest, and heartfelt advice.

One of the things that I find the most valuable is how quickly he responds to any and all inquiries. It seems as if the man never stops working. I have received instant email replies from Jay from all over the world. Rarely does a day go by that we haven't exchanged numerous emails about both challenges and triumphs.

I honestly don't know what I would have done with out him. Whether it be a pep talk, a gentle reminder or a kick in the pants to get you motivated or on purpose, Jay has always been there when I have needed him the most.

-Stacey Halpern D.C. Costa Mesa, CA

Anita Haque

Friends had advised me to get on the internet program immediately to see my office grow. I got myself enrolled and boy, were they right. In addition to the motivation, the instructions and reminders keep me focused on what I need to do.

Because of this my practice has grown rapidly and my life is enriched.   I am so impressed on the speed of Dr. Jay’s help and responses. Within a few minutes I would see a response in my inbox from Dr. Jay and felt relieved. Being successful and a high achiever takes much more than doing, it also takes the support and wisdom of other successful people who can guide you to make the right decisions and the right actions.

This is what the internet program provides me with. It also provides me with the reminder of implementing certain actions in my practice and life that keeps me successful and on track to never ending personal and professional growth.

Thank you Dr. Jay!

Anita Haque D.C. 

William Craig

It’s not often that I actually sit down to let someone know how he or she has touched my life. Since working with you as my coach on the internet support program, I have not only gained clarity in practice, but also personal growth. The organized fashion with which you present each and every possible aspect of the chiropractic office is amazing. This has helped me cut through the seemingly endless maze of what-to-dos associated with this great profession called “chiropractic”.

The growth from the start was more than I could have imagined and has continued as a result of the daily support I get from your Internet Program. I guess this is starting to sound sappy, but I am a better person and chiropractor because of you.

-Dr. William Craig Queensbury New York

Jeff Wood


My staff LOVED your talk for ChiroTouch yesterday, they laughed and laughed and laughed. They had just sat through an hour prior to yours a very stale webinar and we were all hesitant and doing back to back webinars, thank you for your wit, and presentation. I believe it is one of the best ones CT has had.     Dr Jeff Wood  ............Kansas

Richard Mugavero


I just wanted to let you know that I started booking outside lectures using your stress & health lecture.  We had 8 people say "yes" and so far 6 of them have come in already.  I have to say I am quite pleased with those results considering my nerves and the fact that it was my first one. I just wanted to thank you for re-igniting the fire in me, especially to get out there doing lectures.  My marketer is creating a database of businesses, groups, clubs and organizations we can reach out to.  I see the future as unlimited now!  Thanks!

Dr. Richard A. Mugavero/Bradford, MA

Jim Minico

I first Met Dr. Jay, my wife and I were just 3 months into practice, newly married, new baby, new state, and in deep debt. I just needed direction. Jay and I quickly bonded. We have never looked back. My practice jumped almost immediately and ultimately rose to almost 1 million per year.

To get there required countless decision making. From who to hire, who to fire, what promotion to do, how to do it, etc. I think that is where Dr. Jay shines the most! When faced with the day to day decisions of practice, Jay could always help you to make the right decision. I can’t think of one time that Jay's advice was wrong.

I think ultimately that we chiropractors are in a unique situation unlike any other profession. We have unique challenges that we all face from prejudices, misinformed public, to outright lies about what we do. The internet support program and support from Dr. Jay creates a sense of unity which gives you power.

-Dr. Jim Minico Chapin SC

Chris and Debbie McKenney

We have been with Dr. Jay’s internet program since its inception. We use it our team meetings every week. The Doctors and staff all get a world of information and motivation from this. The one on one Doctor interviews in the chat rooms give us idea to put into practice the very next day.

information and ideas we receive are worth a hundred times the cost of the program. It is nice to know that you can pick up your phone or email Dr. Jay and have an immediate response. Because of this support we now have a brand new free standing clinic building and see well over 700 patient visits each week, week in and week out.

Chris Mc Kenney D.C. Belleview FL

Hal Richart

Hey Dr Jay

Here's a big thank you for your program .When we began I was doing 40k a month. We just did 20k in 2 days all I can say is WOW and thanks. For keeping us on track !   Looking forward to 2013!

Sincerely  Dr Hal Richart  Plainfield, IL

Ernest Davila

Hey Dr.Jay

As always I'm deeply and truly thankful for your constant and unyielding support.

Dr. Ernest       Puerto Rico

Pat Kennedy

When I started this with you, my clinic was doing about 65 patient visits and collecting between $8000 and $15,000 per month. I am seeing between 180 and 230 and collecting between $40,000 and $60,000 now, and we are still on the rise. I thank you for the weekly input...it is truly valuable!!!

-Pat Kennedy   Rocky Mountain VA.

Mark Loesser

My practice was in the toilet, we hit the bottom. While trying to figure out my options I came across Dr. Jay's web site. At first I was skeptical. However it turned out to be everything he promised and much more!

With access to Jay 24/7, I have my own management consultant on call. Before I was on my own, trying to guess what was the right thing to do. My practice is improving in every way with Jay's help. Last month we set a record $40,000 plus. We are nearing our goal of 210 patient visits a week.

Joining up with Jay has without a doubt been one of the best business decisions I have ever made. Jay has helped me in countless ways both personally and professionally, and for that I am eternally grateful!

-Mark Loesser D.C.  Find

Dale and Christy

We have been mentored by Dr Jay Morgan for over 12 years. He has helped us tremendously with his support, both emotionally and professionally, and has given us the knowledge and guidance to be able to improve our practice and to raise it to higher levels of productivity and efficiency. He is immediate in his responses to requests for help of any kind, constantly available and always supportive. I would unhesitatingly recommend his services to anyone in need of a great mentor and assistance with improving their practice.

Drs Dale and Christy Constantin   The Woodlands  TX

Joe & Lara Clinton

After a few years of floundering around trying to build a practice we were lead to Dr. Jay. That day will be remembered as the day we truly began our practice. No longer did we have to play it by ear, there was a true game plan. With Dr. Jay’s guidance we felt we didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. Dr. Jay is always there when you need help. He is very prompt with his attention- sometimes it is as if he has a crystal ball and knows when you need him before you know it yourself.

Personally, he has been a rock during the difficult times in our lives, always our cheerleader whether it was business or personal. During the better moments of life, he was there to celebrate with us. We have known Dr. Jay for the past 11 years, since that time he has been our coach, mentor and friend.

If you follow has he says, your practice will grow and you will become a better person and chiropractor. His teachings are based on sound chiropractic principles and philosophy, which we all need in practice. Our practice went from barely making overhead to being on track to collect over 1 million this year.

Drs. Joe & Lara Clinton, Houston, TX

Chad Golden


Since being with you I have been able to buy a condo, a boat, motorcycle, new furniture, and just bought a new suit today.  My bank accounts continue to grow as well.   I believe it is because of your constant help.  You deserve the thanks!

Chad Golden  Houston, TX

Scott Stiffey


I wish I would have known about this program a few years ago.  You have given me more good (real and usable) info in the couple of weeks that I have been doing this than the all consultants that I am still paying and have not had any contact with since Oct.

-Scott Stiffey D.C.  -Palmyra MO. 


Kyle L. Skinner


Thanks!!! I know people hit you with problems 90% of the time.  I thought I would share some good news with you.  We hit a new pv record last week with 147, which our previous record was 146 the week before.  I haven't been below 100 pv/wk since after 3 weeks I joined your program.  I thank you very much for that.

-Kyle L. Skinner D.C.    Arkansas


Mike Corey

Dr. Jay,

EVERYTHING IS GETTING BETTER FOR ME AND MY PRACTICE.  Implementation and consistency/persistency pays off.  Thank you for your continued guideance.

Thank you....sincerely.

Dr. Mike Corey    Tustin, CA

Ron Vargo

Jay, When I started 18 years ago ( man, I am getting old) that began my relationship with you.  This was all part of Gods plan for me.  Your wisdom and advice have been right on target.  I RESPECT YOU, your commitment, drive, passion, and desire to see Chiropractors succeed in this world.  If any new doc came to me asking for help on whom to pick for a management team to guide and direct them, you are my answer because I feel you are the best out there.

-Ron Vargo D.C.  – Canton Ohio  



Sabrina Williams

Hi Jay-

We should break another record for the year and have our biggest month of the year. I want to thank you for all your awesome help!

Sabrina Williams D.C.       Beebe AR

Victor Roman

Jay- I got a great patient at a Farmers market Spinal screening. I only had 1 person to make an appointment that night. I totally messed up on the ROF, but he just pre-payed for all 58 visits with 20% discount. = 1,856.   Thank you very much Jay for your help! 

-Dr. Victor Roman- Southern California

Ben Rouy

Dear Jay,

Just a few words to say I just had my best month ever! And this month looks like another record. For the most part it is thanks to you, total immersion in boosting the practice and motivation etc. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Be persistent, and never ever, ever give up.

Take good care buddy, we need you!

Ben Rouy D.C.  - France 


Victor Peres


I can’t thank you enough for getting me to stick with it... I have doubled my practice in the last 45 days and still growing.  The latest promotion has been killer. To go along with that my collections are higher this month on the 17th then they have been any month i have been in business.  I really needed all of your support to get my butt in gear again.. Hope you have a great week and see you soon!!!!

-Dr. Victor Peres/ Kingwood TX


Dan Boggs

Thanks for the help, Dr. Jay.

Just getting focused is putting the right energy out there is really helping. We have 3 NPs on the book for today, and will have about $11,000 coming in by mid next week. We are implementing everything you outlined asap.

-Dr. Dan Boggs-- W. Va

Benoit France

Hi Bro

749 pts for July is my best July month ever....going to vacation in Austria! You are the best!

R. Benoit.  France

Mike Trabbold

Hey Jay,

It’s going to be a very busy week and month! I think one of the resounding truths of this week's project is “A recession can be dynamite for business....” I look at what our office is doing right now in one of the hardest economic times in the past quarter century (and certainly longer than I even knew what “economic times” meant) and we're going to end up with our best year...EVER!! What I found as equally as valuable is talking to other docs around the country and getting there feedback and input and bounce ideas off each other. Keep up the great work, and for keeping us focused and on purpose. Your program is the very best!

-Mike Trabbold D.C. - Kenosia WI

Roger Borbon


Dear Jay,

With each success I get because of your guidance (last week was a record high PV by the way) my other Chiro friends observe our growth. One Chiro friend of mine also spent some time with some clients of yours in San Antonio. He said they spoke very highly of you and they were totally kicking butt.

Again, thanks for your great program and support.  It's made a true difference in my leadership and responsibility to my family, practice, patients, and staff.  You would not believe the shift in the dynamics of my CA's (Jenny particularly).  It's like a dream.  THANKS!!!

-Roger Borbon D.C., D.A.C.N.B., F.A.C.F.N., C.C.C.N. Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist Austin, TX


Carl Irwin


Attached are my figures...oh my god we've had a 70% increase in a month.  All the hard work is paying off. I’m getting invites here there and every way for talks & screenings. It’s amazing.  BINGO
I really appreciate your help!!!


Carl Irwin D.C.-  London England 

Mindy Hackleman

Dr. Jay-

Thanks again for all you do for us! You make a HUGE difference in our lives!

Mindy Hackleman..... Bolivar MO

Dr. Baggio

Yo Jay!!

Took a half day off today to go to the Packer game tonite and still saw 132 for the week with 3 new patients and a 144 already on the books for next week! Just wanted to say THANK YOU for helping me remove my head from my arse!!

Dr Baggio     Franklin WI

Dr. Beth

Dr. Jay,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for all of your help. I did a spinal screening at a local organic food market last week, made appointments for five people, three made their appointments and converted all three to long term plans of care yesterday. I have high hopes for converting the two other patients coming in today that I saw for the first time last week (these came in as a result of a women's business luncheon I went to) I'm working hard at building my confidence following your weekly plan. I'm blessed to have you coaching me, and am studying your info every week, and it's paying off. Thanks! Have a blessed day!

Dr. Beth Harrill    Charlotte NC

Dr. Fedich


YOU ARE THE MAN! Anyone who doesn't use jay morgan for coaching is nuts! Only guy who actually cares about you and not your wallet! Couldn't thank him any more, life is good, thanks dr jay!

James Fedich D.C.    Allamuchy NJ 908-813-8200

Ricky Hanks


You are not only inexpensive but really teach the basics. It really tightens up things that I have either forgotten or got loose on. Spot on the best coaching of back to basics I ever had. No fluff.

Ricky Hanks D.C.    Dallas TX


Dr. Hal

Hey  Dr.Jay,

I just finished the books for 2012' $ 989,511.50.  Not bad for working 3 and 1/2 days a week . Maybe next year I'll work 4 and go over a million.  Our best year yet in a "down" economy. Thanks Jay for your constant support, "thots" and ideas.

Luv ya my brother.

Dr Hal Richart    Plainfield, IL

Dr. Howard

Hi Jay-

348 visits w 10 nps this week and 4 reactivated ones.With your help we just tweaked a few things. It seems that at some point you only have to do a handfull of things correctly and make sure you don't roadblock yourself.

Thanks for helping me get there! This is fun!

Dr. Howard Tornopski   Lakewood NJ

David Hadden


I can really tell that the changes we've made are making a difference. And I've only made a couple of small changes. As I add new things each week, I do better and better.   Thanks again, Jay!  

Dr. David Hadden    O'Fallon MO

Jim Baggio

Hi Jay,

To be a Chiropractor and get to do what we do is truly a gift. To have a profession with a Coach such as you available to keep us focused on doing what we do is another gift. The smartest thing I ever could have done when things seemed the most bleak was to pick up the phone and call you to keep me focused at a time when life was offering up plenty of tempting opportunities to get off purpose.

I totally get it! Thanks a million for saving me!

Jim Baggio D.C. Franklin WS. 414-529-1166

Dr. Algrim


Three new patients on the books tomorrow. It's like magic, when I talk to you.

Dr. Algrim   Racine WI

Dr. Kevin Screen


I enjoy just having someone to report to and ask for help when needed.  I am sitting on more money than ever. You have done wonders for me.  Thanks.

Kevin Screen D.C.    Turlock  CA


Hello my friend!

Heading off to Mexico for a vacation Tomorow. None of it would have been possible without your guidance. I thank you not for the vacation or even the busy schedule,I truly thank you for getting me back on purpose by changing my focus.

I know you're there, always available and always ready to help! May the Universe bless you with Happiness in all walks of your life! (:-{)}

Jim Baggio D.C. Franklin WS

Scott Matz

Scott Matz

Jay, we started the New Year with 167 new patients in January. Your new patient projects are golden!  

Scott Matz D.C.     Billings Montana




Thanks so much for helping me. You really go the extra mile-impressive consulting work, really. Very few chiropractic consultants care enough to do true consulting work. You are one of the very few.

Your friend!

Glen Waldt D.C. PA

Ernesto Davilla

Gratitude is one of the highest feelings surpassed only by the feeling of love. I am thankful that you are part of the riches for which I have deep gratitude.

Ernesto Davilla DC     San Juan PR

Barbara Downes DC

Thanks to my business advisor "Coach Jay Morgan~~the best that ever was. Has held my head and kept my heart where it belongs many times!

Barbara Downes DC Baltimore MD

Dr. James R Fedich, DC


I can't say enough nice things about Dr. Jay! He is the best! I started with
jay probably 3 years ago now. I had been doing pretty well probably 450,000
a year gross and taking home a decent check. This year we did just under one
million, I now take off sat, and work till 1 on Friday. Life really couldn't
be better. It's been great!

Jay knows about pretty much everything. I can email him for an associate
contract a marketing idea an accountant financial advice just about
anything. And if he doesn't know he will find it out. With his program there
are weekly chats, teleconferences, and semiannual seminars. The real value
is jay. You have access to jay like no other coach, and I tried a bunch. I
email jay on weekends night am, anytime and he gets right back to me, I
usually email him Sunday at 8 which is like 6 there and he still gets right
back to me. He is also very available by the phone as well. He is the best!

In short jay is great!!!
Dr. James R Fedich, DC
Clinic Director
Village Family Clinic
Allamuchy New Jersey 07820
908 813 8200

Jim Baggio

Hi Jay, Just wanted to thank you for your coaching, advice and caring over the past year; it's always comforting to know that you're in my corner and always ready to help! You're the best‼ Love Ya Man, Jim Baggio DC Franklin WI 414-529-1166

Andrew Oteo

Dear Jay - I really am so thankful we met years ago, you have really been a catalyst for change in my life. This next step would not be possible without your guidance and I am so thankful for you. THANK YOU for your mentorship and friendship it has been invaluable to me. Andrew Oteo D.C. Dallas Texas